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“Deer Crossing” Movie Trailer

Deer Crossing - Movie Trailer - Kevin Lapsley

Working on “Deer Crossing” for director Christian Grillo and producer John Michael Kent was a fun experience. Gotta give it to them for rallying the team and knocking this project out in a couple weekends.

For a shoe-string budget we had quite a large crew, a lot of locations and John Michael Kent was able to procure the services of horror film legend Doug Bradley, a.k.a Pinhead, and, of all people, famed actor Ernie Hudson on this project. A lot of hard work and long days running all over Bucks, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties in and around Philadelphia, PA, but we got the project done.

Also, had a blast getting to work with Christopher Mann and K.J. Linhein for a couple weeks. Am very glad to have worked with these guys in the past and hopefully again in the future. Both of these guys delivered and then some in their roles in this movie and in everything they do. Hopefully continued success for these guys in the future and more.

“The Last One..?” Official Movie Trailer

The Last One..? - Kevin Lapsley

A labor of love on this one. The Last One..? movie finally has a trailer up on their youtube page. Did it all on this project. Wrote, produced, directed, acted, edited and about everything else on this project. Had a lot of great people help get this one off the ground. Still not finished getting this movie out there for everybody to enjoy it, but at least for now people can check out the trailer.