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Bringing CoachLinked Venture to Life

I recently decided to join a small group of outstanding individuals from the business sector in bringing the sports app CoachLinked to life.

CoachLinked will be a sports networking platform that will strive to connect the athletic world together. The platform will be a one stop shop for coaches, athletic departments, teams, organizations, agents, media, fans and more to connect securely and safely to look for jobs in the athletic industry, connect and share ideas within their profession with their peers.

This is just beginning of what will probably be a long and fulfilling journey of creating a very robust platform from the ground up. Looking forward to the adventure ahead.

Kevin Lapsley Launches Independent Movie Review Venture

Wanting to help independent movie productions create much needed press for their projects I decided to create and launch Independent Movie Review.

Independent Movie Review is a website that will offer free movie reviews of your project for those who submit their projects to be reviewed. The platform is expansive enough to offer reviews of pretty much any type of project from a short to feature, movie or web-series, to independent or studio productions.

The website also offers more in-depth and promotional advertising packages for the projects that have a little more of a budget and want to get some much needed exposure without having to pay outrageous prices.

Independent Movie Review has simple objectives. I want to supply the independent movies that are available, but aren’t distributed or selected for film festival, with a voice on the internet, and to assist those projects that are striving to set themselves apart from the rest with at least a fair playing field.