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Kevin Lapsley Biography

Kevin James Lapsley (born June 21) is an American producer, director, writer, editor and actor, best known for his work in the genre of comedy and action, although he has been asked, “Are you sure you want to do comedy, because you’re not that funny”.

Lapsley wrote and/or produced feature films such as It Is to Me… (2001), The Last One..? (2004), Blue Eyes Sunrise (2009) and Tower Rd. (2009). He has also produced and co-produced a number of Shorts and TV series, including A Mind’s Eye (producer, 2002), Little Hollywood (co-producer, 2009) and Wine’m N Dine’m with Chef Louie (producer, 2010).

His directorial film work includes It Is to Me… (2001), Enter the Garden: Pt. Six Jullie’s New Hat (2001), A Mind’s Eye (2002), The Last One..? (2004) and Wineskin: Psychedelic Circus, 2008 (2009).

Recent involvement in projects has included traveling the country filming and when back home, in Pennsylvania, editing and other developmental roles in helping get projects off the ground and completed.

Lapsley’s frequent creative collaborators include directors / writers Steve Condon (the 10:10 Creative) and John Charles Hunt (Sayre Woods Media), as well as the country music band, The Davisson Brothers Band.

Kevin Lapsley Biography

A Pennsylvania boy, born in Allentown and raised in Upper Black Eddy, besides the home movies he, his older brother and cousins would make growing up, Kevin Lapsley got a relatively late jump on his film journey.

It wasn’t really till his junior year at college, and first at Penn State University at University Park, when he met Canz that the two of them realized that they had stories to tell and decided to do something about it.

Kevin, only being a media studies major at the time and no longer caring about the dean’s list, eventually jumped head first into writing his first screen play about all the mis-understanding’s between guys and girls at college titled, It Is to Me… Kevin and Canz would eventually start producing and filming the indy feature and completing it a long year and half later.

After graduating, not on time, Kevin took the summer off, as he usually did, and when the fall rolled around he worked enough restoring a 40 ft. yacht to buy a new computer and software so he could finish the second edit, and first full screen version of It Is to Me…, while also producing the project, Enter the Garden: Jullie’s New Hat. In February, literally a week after finishing the edit he jumped on a plane with nothing more than a backpack full of clothes and headed to the film studios in Wilmington, NC.

There, Kevin did a lot of background and featured extra work on television shows and films like Dawson’s Creek, A Walk to Remember and many others. With a pending union strike all the projects dried up in Wilmington so Kevin returned home to Pennsylvania.

The following year Kevin produced the project A Mind’s Eye while working on the screenplay to the sequel of It Is to Me… titled The One Before. In true Star Wars fashion The One Before was too big of a project to be attempted at this point in Kevin’s career so he began writing the screenplay for the final chapter to the journey of Kevin States, his character in It Is to Me… and The One Before.

Filming for The Last One..? began in the fall of 2004 in State College, PA and four years, three Ashley Dunn’s, too many sleepless nights and one truly independent feature comedy later in the spring of 2008 filming wrapped on The Last One..? The rest of the year Kevin worked on various projects in Pennsylvania like the documentary, Cipko, the music dvd concert event, Wineskin: Psychedelic Circus, 2008, and on an official 2009 Nashville Film Festival entrée, Little Hollywood.

Now, Kevin resides between the U.B.E. and Hollywood, CA doing more background work, co-producing more projects like Wine’m N Dine’m with Chef Louie and writing his next two screenplay’s, Blue Eyes Sunrise and Tower Rd. All the while continuing to pound his head against the wall trying to finally finish The Last One..?, so his production company, KSKM, can realease the project on dvd and vod.