LimoCop Wins “Best Un-Produced Screenplay” at Grove Film Festival 2019

LimoCop was very happy to win the “Best Un-Produced Screenplay” award at Grove Film Festival – 2019 (December).

LimoCop is the latest script that I’ve been working on over the last year. Fellow co-creators Michael Craig, Canz and I, over drinks, for the better part of the last decade, have been bouncing ideas off of friends for LimoCop and finally late in 2018 we decided to put pen to paper on LimoCop.

I was very happy to attend the film festival with my long time buddy and fellow actor, Ric Ravier. LimoCop had a couple “Not Selected” results this week with other festivals, so was really happy to get this award. Gotta work on the acceptance speeches though, ha. Less beers, shorter speech, and maybe a little more thinking ahead of time of what I’m actually going to say. Thanks again, Larry Rosen and everybody working behind the scenes at the Grove Film Festival.